"Don't just dream you need to be seen"

How We Can Help

Football is a community we help you that helps us that helps to spread this game globally. We are in contact with a wealth of players who could be of service to you. We offer quality player evaluation and find you good matches to fill the holes that you see on your team. Players in our database are graded and ranked. We also can arrange the contract negotiate between the two sides making working with one of our players an easy choice to make.

Even if you are a non professional team we have players who are in need of more film to help get to the next level. Some of the strongest teams in the world outside the "Big Leagues" fall into this catergory. We can supply you with players who may not have gotten the looks needed in college or that have not gone to college but can play at that level now. These players are looking to get to an even higher level so you know they will be hard working and have the ability to play. Your team would supply them with the much needed experience and film.

Current Number of
European Team Contacts by Country
Germany (38) Sweden (7) England (12)
Italy (21) Switzerland (5) Netherlands (4)
France (16) Norway (5) Czech Rep. (3)
Finland (14) Spain (4) Turkey(1)
Austria (14) Denmark (6) Hungary(3)

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