"Don't just dream you need to be seen"

We mainly deal with players who have experience and desire to play at a higher level. With our extensive connections to owners, agents and other scouts we can have you in a situation to achieve this goal. We take this very seriously if you wish pursue this path you must be committed and we will help those that are committed. Most players have a window of 2-3 years from when they graduate to achieve this.

We can set you up with a training schedule and actual strength and conditioning coaches to have you in the best physical shape possible. We also prepare you for combines and other such scouting events.

We are contacted with some of the most influential dates on the football calendar and if we think this would help we can have you at these events. We will put you in a situation to succeed. The ultimate decider whether you will make it or not is yourself. Do not sell yourself short.

Just because your University career is over it does not mean that your football career is too. Even if you don’t have enough film as it is. We will put you in a situation that will help you gather that film and more experience. If you are hard working then anything can happen.

Professional Football in Europe

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