"Don't just dream you need to be seen"

The purpose of ASMG Scouting is to help those acheive their dreams. We currently work with athletes in Football, that are looking to make the move to the next level or are in need of more exposure for their talents to do just that. Since our conception in December of 2004 we have great success in having players we have scouted placed. That is what we do, we scout to help teams provide a better revenue from a better product on the field or on the court. You can look at it this way an extra 100 fans at $10 for seats and $5 for food is $1500 a game over 8 home games $12,000. A better product does add up.

What we have done; what we do:

Since our conception in 2004 we have had great success in players we have scouted being signed. That is what we do we scout to help teams fill their rostors. Last year alone we had a hand in helping 47 football clients of that 38 were placed with teams in Europe, 5 with Arena teams and one on to University on Scholarship. Our goal is to help you reach the highest level you can. We are not saying that with us or a similar agency that they would not gotten to the level they are at now but would you risk it to not?

Our Philosophy:

ASMG Scouting we don't just sell you a dream we make that dream sell you. In the end it all comes down to proper marketing and exposure we find the markets that would be interested in you that just haven't seen you yet and we bring the two sides to the table. If your are interested in help just contact us for a consultation session and we will see what actions are needed to make that dream put food on your table. It is impossible to scout everyone and if you think you have what it takes to play at the next level contact us. Our motto is "Don't just dream you need to be seen". We at ASMG Scouting will see you sooner than later, hopefully.
-Alex Smith
CEO / ASMG Scouting

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